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Information about Fort Hood November 5th, 2009 Memorial

Three years have passed since gunfire erupted inside the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood, Texas.  Thirteen people were killed and 32 were wounded.  Thanks to the heroic intervention of two Fort Hood police officers, the rampage was brought to an end.  The victims were mainly men and women who were preparing to deploy to battle zones or who had recently returned from them.  On the afternoon of November 5, 2009, 13 Americans were sacrificed for their country — not on the distant soils of Iraq or Afghanistan — but down the road in Fort Hood, Texas.
In the aftermath of this tragic event, memorial services were held to pay tribute to those who had died or who had been injured.  From that initial outpouring of emotion and out of the desire to honor and remember the victims of that tragic event came the concept of establishing a permanent public and living memorial.  The site will serve to honor the victims and provide a historic record of this tragedy in order to deliver a message of vigilance for generations to come.

The Fort Hood November 5th, 2009 Memorial has come a long way since the Killeen City Council authorized its development on June 8, 2010.  Throughout the spring and summer months of 2010, great efforts were made by a committee designated by Mayor Hancock to determine the exact name, location, design and budget.  The project includes a memorial pavilion and garden and will be located on the grounds of the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.   An unveiling ceremony of the project design was held on November 5, 2010.   Work has commenced on the individual memorials that will honor those who lost their lives.  These personalized bronze and granite tributes will celebrate the lives of those who lost their lives and be the central focus of the memorial and garden project.

The initial response to the memorial project has been gratifying as individuals, veterans groups, businesses and civic organizations have been stepping up to offer support.  To date, approximately $110,000 has been raised. This amount does not include pledges for materials and construction support which have also been received.  Approximately $500,000 is needed.  This amount includes an endowment to provide for the maintenance and upkeep of the memorial and garden.

Our hearts — as individuals and as a nation — go out to the families of the soldiers and the civilian worker who were killed and to the many who were wounded.  The death of those who are near and dear to us is one of the most difficult trials delivered upon us during this fleeting life.  It’s a soul-touching experience and one that reminds us that all we really have is each other, our freedom, our faith and the hope that our path to healing results in something constructive and good.  Check out the Join Hands America website at  for regular updates.  Please direct inquiries to Debbie Klinkovsky at SPJST at (800) 727-7578.

Thank you for your kind consideration and support.

Help Wanted

Join Hands America is looking for volunteers in many areas. There is a tremendous need for support. This is a volunteer effort being coordinated by the SPJST Home Office in Temple, Texas. As such and without the devoted support of many volunteers, this project would never have come this far. Much remains to be done. Individuals who are willing to devote their time and abilities to helping to communicate the goals and objectives of Join Hands America will be greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are looking for businesses and service organizations that would be interested in hosting a fund raiser to benefit the Fort Hood November 5th, 2009 Memorial. We are also seeking to identify individuals with strong communication and marketing skills who could assist in raising a greater awareness of the Fort Hood November 5th, 2009 Memorial in their respective areas. If you are interested in volunteering, any questions can be directed to Debbie Klinkovsky or Brian Vanicek at (800) 727-7578.


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